Make Your Home the Coolest Place to Be

Hire us for residential HVAC installation in Alabaster, AL

The intense Alabama summers are bearable as long as you have reliable air conditioning. If the unit in your home has broken down on you, call Central Alabama Heating and Air to install a new one. We’ll make sure cool air can circulate evenly throughout your home to keep you and your family cool.

Schedule a residential HVAC installation to keep your Alabaster, Alabama home cool by contacting us today.

6 reasons to choose us over other HVAC contractors

Central Alabama Heating and Air is a company you can trust for many reasons. Here are six:

1. We’ve been in business since 1974.
2. We’ll tell you exactly what’s going on with your current HVAC system.
3. We always practice the Golden Rule.
4. We’re available after hours.
5. We’ll order any additional parts we need.
6. We’ll help you pick the most energy-efficient unit for your home.

When you have to choose an HVAC contractor to install your AC, don’t sweat your decision. Call us today to keep your Alabaster, Alabama home at the perfect temperature.